Jump right in!

It's like one of those garage sales you always dream about. Where everything is so fabulous, you want to take it all home!

And sometimes we just dance!

We get just as excited as you do about great clothes!


Ooh la la ... why not go red this winter!

Yes, we're around the corner, in the "garage".

Hello there! Looking for us?

The boot line up.

Some of our ever changing shoe and boot collection. You can't have too many shoes!

The Best Little Second Hand Designer Clothing Shop You Never Heard Of!

Around the corner, down the alley, behind the cafe, at the back of the car park next to the train station in Hurlstone Park. It would be hard to find a more remote location for a shop in Sydney. But, then the best things in life are ofter the hardest to find. One of Sydney's best kept secrets, Cathy's Dress Up offers one of the best collections of pre-loved designer wear in the city. But be careful to check the trading hours! It takes time and dedication to source all these great buys so we're only open limited hours. Of course you can also find us on EBay and at the Rozelle market on weekends.

Cathy's Style

Maybe you can't tell a book by it's cover, but a stylish cover never hurt!

The Shop

Now don't try and memorise this. Write it down! We're only open on Wednesday from 12 noon till 6PM. Thursday and Friday, 10AM till 6PM. However sometimes...


You can always find us on EBay. It's almost like the shop is just an EBay warehouse. Click the link below to view our current Ebay listings.

The Rozelle Market

The best second hand market in Sydney. This is were we live on weekends. You'll find us right next to the women's change room. Where else!